Monday, November 8, 2010

Chromemongers: Call for artists

Register to collect your own artist’s toy, customise and return for the exhibition being launched November 24th and running until December 4th, 2010.

Your Chromemongers toy comes lovingly handcrafted from Fishbowl Studios, a small, badly ventilated shed in West Hobart. Chromemongers is the new creative collective formed between Hobart residents Jackson Parker, Stuart Dobell and Aedan Howlett.

Once you have got your toy home, it’s ready for you to customise, save for a few rules:

+ Registration is $50, non-refundable, to be paid when your form is lodged. You can apply for multiple entries at a set cost of $50 per entry.

+ By Registering, youare obliged to return your toy to be included in the exhibition.

+ You can choose between 3 different artist-made heads for your Chromemonger. The head must remain intact when customising.

+ Male/Female plug systems (in neck and shoulder of toy) must remain intact.

+ Your Chromemonger can be attached to a base. Base must not exceed 10 x 15cm.

+ Unsold artwork remains your property.

+ The artist decidesthe sale price of the finished doll. The artist keeps 60% of the sale price, i.e. commission is 40%.

+ You can paint, knit, colour-in, dip, accessorise etc your Chromemonger. Products such as Fimo (oven-bake plasticines) are ideal for creating unique accessories in a similar aesthetic to the existing figure. Your figure is compatible with Araldite Epoxy glue, Super glu, hot glue and contact cement. When using paints, first prime with a small tin of plastic primer spray in
several, distanced light coats. Primer is available from McCann’s Model World, Elizabeth Street (Opp. Jimmy’s).
If you’ve got ideas outside of these guidelines please phone Jackson on 0408 645 585 or
Stu on 0428 292 251, all requests are welcomed and considered, exceptions can be made. Failure to do so will forfeit show entry.

There will be a best entry prize, as judged by Chromemongers. You can win the chance to design a new Chromemonger toy for limited edition production which will be featured in Chromemongers 2.

Have Fun,

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